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Gabrielle's breathwork sessions use a unique blend of her training with the Pause Breathwork, as well as other techniques she has learned over the years from a variety of respectable teachers.

Sessions are approached under a trauma-informed lens, knowing that it’s important to meet the breather where they are.


These methods, using continual conscious breathing--deeply connect the body, your true nature and beyond. The breath is used as the healer to shift stuck emotions and tension that create heaviness pain & overwhelm in the body and energetic field. 

The breath can also be a powerful tool to expand joy, inspiration, and play. You will be guided through different breathing patterns to address the assessed needs you bring to each session.

The techniques use intentional stimulation (breath, music, and movement) to regulate the nervous system and bring your body back into balance.



When you do breathwork you are opening a sacred door to connect with your Highest Being. This ripples out into every part of your life and in how you show up. Change your relationship to the breath, change your world. You're not only releasing stress and anxiety in the moment, but you are also training your nervous system to respond differently to stressors in the future. Over time, with consistent practice, you can rewire your brain for more calm and less reactivity, moving from a place of awakened choice.

That means you can move through life’s ebbs and flows with more ease, no matter what’s happening around you. You can be the unshakable version of yourself – confident, clear, and free; feeling a sense of wholeness from within.

A regular breathwork practice can help you:

  • Awaken to the felt sense of being alive

  • Access other states of consciousness 

  • Allow space for safety and ease

  • Create space to process grief and loss

  • Spark creativity and flow state

  • Let go of energetic blockages, so that the soul can be experienced

  • Heal past pain & trauma

  • Improve your sleep quality

  • Improve respiratory health

  • Boost immunity

  • Increase attention & focus

  • Quiet your mind and find peace and clarity​

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