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Gabrielle Kidd is a certified Trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator and embodiment guide. Her love for this work is rooted in her own personal experience of how the breath can unlock powerful inner and higher realms. Knowing that breathwork is a divine key to work with the soul. The desire of her work is to create a safe space and practice where the breather can come into a deep connected relationship with their Felt sense. To give space to what is alive in the body/mind/heart/soul. To release and expand into deeper trust and knowing. To be able to strip down the layers and stories stuck in the body that show up as dis-ease and bring more health, presence, and wholeness. To remember who we truly are in our aliveness and our Felt connection to the Sacred.


In addition to Breathwork , Gabrielle is a Certified Yoga Teacher with years of experience leading her students into a more aligned, balanced, and Felt sense state through their practice. Always encouraging students to show up as they are. That yoga has space for every part of their journey knowing that the practice can hold them in the human experience. Not bypassing whats true and real.

Gabrielle’s journey has led her to deeply explore and become a student of holding and healing and all the ways it can be integrated into life - cognitive and somatic - meditation and movement.  Her passion is in creating space and being a container for the same healing for her clients.


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